tmp_6509-14596865531051672764532Welcome to KS Counselling Psychotherapy Richmond.  I am Karin Sieger, an accredited and registered counsellor and psychotherapist. I help people cope with a range of difficulties and specialise in anxiety, loss and the emotional impact of chronic illnesses like cancer.

Why are you looking for support, and what are hoping to get from it? Some people want to understand why they feel the way they do, or want to start feeling better.  Something specific may have happened or things just built up over time.  Others have important decisions to make, and are unsure which direction to take.

Telling your story to someone who cares, is independent and does not judge, in a calm and confidential setting can lighten your burden, help you understand your life and get it back on track with a renewed sense of energy, direction and motivation.

I offer counselling, which is short-term and focuses on solving immediate issues, as well as psychotherapy, which is longer-term and looks at issues that may have built up over time.  Our initial session would help us explore, which is the most suitable approach in your case.

Finding the right counsellor or psychotherapist can take courage; following your intuition is important. You have to feel comfortable with the chemistry and need to know what to expect.   You might be interested in reading some of my articles or my blog for ideas and to find out a bit more.

If you do not find the answers to your questions on my website, then do feel free to  contact me in confidence with any queries you may have or to arrange an initial consultation to discuss what you are looking for.

My welcoming and comfortable practice is easily accessible and located in a neutral office building (Parkshot House) opposite Richmond Station.  My room is on the ground floor, with disabled access and there is waiting area.  You find more information about fees and other practical issues at Appointments & Fees.

If you are looking for cancer counselling support, then please visit my website www.CancerSupportRichmond.co.uk.